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Top 10 Hydraulic Hose Manufacturer

Since 2009, Showin Hydraulic has become China one of TOP 10  hydraulic hose manufacturers, committing to manufacturing the most reliable hydraulic pipes at the most competitive price. 

Steel Wire Spiral Hydraulic Rubber Hoses

Steel wire braided hoses can be used to transport petrochemicals and hydraulic fluids under relatively high pressures and temperatures.

Steel Wire Braided Hydraulic Rubber Hoses

It is an extremely flexible hose designed to operate at high working pressures and finds its applications on modern construction, marine, mining, and forestry equipment.

Fittings & Couplings

We are also supplier/distributor of fittings and couplings , can supply a wide range of couplings on your request. Our proven channels will ensure that you are satisfied with the product.
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Top 10 Factory 12+ Years History

We have advanced hydraulic hose producing equipment in our hydraulic hose workshop, including 18 automatic high-speed hydraulic pipes braiding machines, 5 steel wire hydraulic pipes spiral machines. 100% inspection before shipment. All the products are produced according to SAE standard, DIN standard. To find out more details, click the button to watch the video.

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Advanced High-speed Wire Braiding Machines


Advanced High-speed Wire Winding Machines


Showin has a complete certification system covering ISO, CE and MSHA certifications. We can produce your hydraulic hoses in full compliance with international standards.

ISO Certification

MSHA Certification

CE Certification

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Don't waste any more money. We are confident that we can offer you the most cost-effective hydraulic hose products. Our products prices can be up to 50% lower than your local market for the same quality. Don't believe it? Tell me your address to try our free samples.

Free OEM, Made to Order

As an experienced hydraulic hose OEM manufacturer, our advanced production technology and efficient cost control can help you succeed in your local market.

How It Works

We have more than 10 years of experience in OEM/ODM field and have served more than 40 customers in more than 20 countries. Our rich experience ensures that your needs are met in every way. If you have relevant needs, please refer to the following cooperation process


When customers have OEM/ODM requirements, we will communicate with them in depth to understand the hose application scenarios, working pressure and burst pressure, hose appearance, printing tape font color and type


Once the customer's requirements are confirmed, we perform rubber formulation confirmation, as well as laboratory testing. Then we start sample trial production and take samples for pulse test to see if we need to make adjustments to the rubber formulation


After the customer confirms the sample, production, packaging, warehousing and delivery are carried out in accordance with the final confirmation of requirements with the customer. “ONMES” cloud production management platform ensure data traceability for each batch of orders

Production Process

Each step produces from our factory, with strict quality control, and according to the SAE and DIN/EN standards.

1. Inner tube extruction area

2. High speed machines braided area

3. Cover rubber extruction area

4. Wrapped area

5. Vulcanization Area

6. Unwrapped area

7. Remove the inner core

8. Packing with packing strap

9. Finished product

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

What Our Client Say

Our customers’ opinions and parity are always the driving force for us to move forward. To protect customer privacy, company name will be hidden

I was doing the inspection of the hose factory in China, by chance, found this factory, the scale is not very large, but the whole factory process and production management is very standardized, and, after-sales aspects are very responsible, cooperation is really very pleasant.

Gilbert Wells CEO

As an assembly wholesaler, I need to import a lot of products from China, and this factory has helped me a lot in arranging the supply, thanks to your professional sales team.

Melisa Larsen Distributors

I have a high pressure washer factory in the US, I need to have consistent quality and good service, their factory did give me a lot of support in this regard, thank you, straightforward attitude makes us feel at ease.

Mario Wood Manufacturer

Oil and gas solutions that require a high level of system security. Therefore, the stability of quality and the safety and flame retardant performance of the products are my priority. During the cooperation with the factory, some minor quality problems inevitably occur, but I am satisfied with the overall cooperation. Thank you.

Ashlyn Klein Oil & Gas Solution Provider

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    Various payment terms are available, sample free, trial rolls accept before formal order. We provide billing period support for stable cooperation customers.

    Our excellent product quality gives us the confidence to offer a warranty of up to one and a half years, whereas our peers generally only offer a one year warranty

    Perhaps you are fed up with the wide range of couplings and too many types of hoses, don't fret. With our many years of experience in the hydraulic industry in China, we can offer you not only hoses, but also couplings and fittings and crimping machines.

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    Just tell us your specific needs, we have extensive export experience and can ensure that your needs are met. If you do not have relevant experience in importing, we can arrange for the goods to be delivered directly to your warehouse.

    1. The advantages of our main raw materials:

    • Rubber is imported from a well-known Korean company.
    • Steel wire is procured from Xingda, which is the first in China and the second in Asia.
    • Carbon black is produced by the American Cabot factory in China.


    2. Our technical advantages:

    • Rubber formula inherited from a large Chinese state-owned enterprises, and quality control by experienced technical staff .
    • Hydraulic hose production experience, the boss has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, all kinds of hydraulic hoses are very proficient.
    • Our equipment advantages (American winding machine, etc.)

    Our products mainly have better bending flexibility, corresponding to Japanese hoses, but our products are more cost-effective than Japanese hoses, and many customers who used to use Japanese hoses have chosen us.

    First of all, you have to confirm the size of the inner diameter of the hose to ensure the smooth flow of the tube media. The second has to confirm the working pressure, to meet the working pressure of the equipment. The third to confirm the circulation of the medium, is water, oil, whether corrosive or high abrasion resistance, in order to choose the appropriate inner rubber layer, there is the size of the outer diameter of the tube. At the same time, the bending radius should be considered.