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Since 2009, Showin has become China TOP 10 manufacturer of a variety of hydraulic rubber hoses, committing to manufacturing the most reliable hydraulic hoses at the most competitive price. 

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Since its foundation in 2009, Henan Xiuyuan Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. has been committing to manufacturing the most reliable hydraulic hoses at the most competitive price. Our customers come from more than 30 countries and believe that we will continue to improve quality and be the best hydraulic hose supplier in China.

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Main Industries We Serve

The hydraulic fluid in a hydraulic machine functions similarly to the blood within our bodies. Hydraulic hoses deliver hydraulic fluid to the machine’s components, providing energy for the machine to do its job.

Showin has experience providing hydraulic hose and hydraulic fittings to many different hydraulic applications, a sample of which are listed below. 

Mining Machinery

Most mining equipment requires the use of hydraulic hoses. From scrapers, dozers and drill rigs in surface mining to continuous miners and longwall systems in underground mining, hoses ensure hydraulic fluid is distributed through the machinery.

Construction Machinery

Most construction equipments require the use of hydraulic hoses, such as excavators, skid loaders, scrapers, pavers, earth-moving machines, dump trucks, loaders, tractors, fork trucks, sweepers. Hoses ensure hydraulic fluid is distributed through the machinery.

Petroleum & Gas Energy

Hoses used in the oil and gas industry must be resilient and of high quality to properly support these complex operations. It's widely used in drill rigs, fluid transfer, pipeline maintenance, cranes, inspection equipment.

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A Professional Hydraulic Hose Manufacturer Solves All Your Problems

Showin has introduced advanced production line, test instruments and technology as well as management mechanism, all of which together contribute to state-of-art products. In addition, we have always put quality and customers’ benefits in the first place, because we take both of them as indispensable elements.

Strict Quality Control

“ONMES” cloud production management platform for secure and flexible factory order delivery.

Advanced Technology

Advanced "Mayer" knitting technology with 6 times higher production efficiency.

Showin OEM/ODM Process

How It Works

We have more than 10 years of experience in OEM/ODM field and have served more than 40 customers in more than 20 countries. Our rich experience ensures that your needs are met in every way. If you have relevant needs, please refer to the following cooperation process


When customers have OEM/ODM requirements, we will communicate with them in depth to understand the hose application scenarios, working pressure and burst pressure, hose appearance, printing tape font color and type


Once the customer's requirements are confirmed, we perform rubber formulation confirmation, as well as laboratory testing. Then we start sample trial production and take samples for pulse test to see if we need to make adjustments to the rubber formulation


After the customer confirms the sample, production, packaging, warehousing and delivery are carried out in accordance with the final confirmation of requirements with the customer. “ONMES” cloud production management platform ensure data traceability for each batch of orders


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Henan, China

Showin Workshop

ISO Standard

RB Series NC High Speed Wire Winding Machine

It adopts a new type of in-machine molding technology and a CNC pre-adjustment inflation force function under the machine, and adopts full control control. The winding precision is greatly improved and the winding quality is guaranteed.

RB Series NC High Speed Wire Winding Production Line

The winding accuracy becomes more precise and controllable, making the complex and tedious winding production work simple and accurate.

Steel Wire Winding Machine Main Disc

The equipment adopts the wire forming on the machine, which ensures the precision of wire forming; the fully enclosed structure improves the safety performance of operation.

Details of High Speed Wire Winding Machine

The control part all adopts PLC + human-machine dialogue touch screen with high-precision servo motor for control, which makes the operation of the equipment become more accurate, the production process requires less technical skills for the operator, and the weaving quality becomes more stable.

ZGB Series NC High Speed Linear Wire Knitting Machine

This machine adopts the principle of controlled rotation, the spindle does circular linear movement according to the circular track, it breaks through the traditional wire weaving 8-word intersection principle at home and abroad.

Detail of High Speed Linear Wire Knitting Machine

Solve the problem of inaccurate braiding points caused by the intersection of steel wires in the braiding process of the braiding machine, so that the precision of the intersection of steel wire braiding is guaranteed, providing a solid foundation for the production of high quality high-pressure rubber hose.