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Hydraulic hose is the key connection of hydraulic system, in the process of using In the process of use, there are often problems such as leakage, cracking, buckling and loosening, which wastes oil, pollutes the environment, affects the appearance of the machine and reduces the competitiveness of the machine. pollute the environment, affect the appearance of the machine, and reduce the competitiveness of the machine. Actual operation In practice, some enterprises, in order to quickly solve the problem of customer feedback, often just But it can only solve the problem temporarily and cannot avoid the problem of hose failure. In this paper, we analyze the real causes of hose failure and adopt scientific treatment methods to solve the problem of hose failure.

Overview of Hoses

Hoses include two major categories: high-pressure hoses and low-pressure hoses. High pressure hose It consists of three parts: outer layer, reinforcement layer and inner lining layer. The outer layer is made of various media, wear-resistant synthetic rubber to ensure that the The outer layer is made of synthetic rubber that is resistant to various media and wear, to ensure that the outer surface is not worn, aged and corroded during use, and to protect the reinforcement layer; the reinforcement layer The reinforcement layer is made of steel wire woven or wound, the more layers of steel wire, the stronger the bearing capacity. The lining layer is made of synthetic rubber which is resistant to various media and is in direct contact with hydraulic oil or gas. Low-pressure hose is generally used for low-pressure circuits below 1MPa. The reinforcement layer is made of cotton thread or hemp thread. Commonly used hose standards The main standards are EN 853, EN 856, SAE J517, GB/T 3683, GB/T 10544, JB/T 8406, etc.

Hose failure mode

The failure mode of the hose is generally manifested in the following four areas: failure of the outer cover, failure of the inner lining, failure of the reinforcement, and failure at the rupture. failure, failure of the inner lining layer, failure of the reinforcement layer, failure at the rupture and buckling failure, etc.

The hose failure analysis and treatment will be introduced in detail in the following articles, so stay tuned.

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