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There are three main reasons for buckling failure: one, the same manufacturer’s One, the hose size tolerance of the same manufacturer is not uniform, while the joint and sleeve size remain unchanged, resulting in inconsistent The effect of buckling is not consistent, causing oil seepage in buckling; second, the hose of different manufacturers with the same joint and sleeve, due to the inconsistent size of each manufacturer’s hose, the The buckling amount is also inconsistent, which is also the cause of buckling failure; third, the joint, sleeve Thirdly, unsuitable choice of material and unqualified manufacturing of joints and sleeves are also the main reasons for buckling failure. The main reason, such as inappropriate materials, will cause the metal strength is not enough, buckling deformation will not be the same, such as the joint The degree of deformation is not the same, such as the joint or sleeve chamfering, roughness, shape Tolerance control is not reasonable, will also lead to buckling failure.

Treatment: Oil seepage at the buckling should be replaced with rubber hose. And take The following processing measures: improve the production process, control the hose, core and sleeve Dimensional tolerances; reasonable choice of core and sleeve material, suitable hardness, to ensure that the ensure that the deformation after buckling does not exceed the difference; according to the different batches of hoses should be buckled According to different batches of hoses, the amount of buckling should be adjusted appropriately, or the joint box sleeve should be redesigned to ensure that the amount of buckling is appropriate. The amount of buckling should be adjusted appropriately according to different batches of hoses, or redesign the sleeve of the joint box to ensure the appropriate amount of buckling.


The above is only an analysis of some common failure modes of hoses, and proposed the corresponding treatment methods. But the problem is often not a single manifestation but Comprehensive exist, specific problems need to be analyzed specifically to find the root cause of failure In order to better solve the problem, specific analysis is needed to identify the root cause of failure.

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