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Construction machinery construction conditions are harsh, the ambient temperature is sometimes high and sometimes low, which is increasingly high requirements for the performance indicators of hydraulic hose weather resistance, oil resistance.

Impulse & Pressure

Hydraulic system high impulse, high pressure harsh conditions of use, easy to cause the hose pulse performance reduced, hydraulic oil pressure repeatedly and violently rise or fall, the hose caused by the violent and frequent impact, leading to hose burst, loose joint leakage and other phenomena.

Temperature of the Working Environmental

The ambient temperature of the hydraulic hose cannot exceed the temperature limit of the hose, otherwise cause the hose bearing capacity to decline, accelerating the hose damage, especially in the long-term cold Especially in the cold environment for a long time, the cold resistant hose should be selected, and do not move or move the hose in the cold environment. Do not move or move the hose in the cold environment; in addition, the arrangement of the hose must avoid the heat source or Take corresponding heat insulation measures.

Temperature of Hydraulic Oil

The temperature of hydraulic oil has a great influence on the use of hoses. The temperature of hydraulic oil should not exceed -40℃~120℃( -40℉~248℉). If the oil temperature exceeds the specified temperature, it will lead to the change of the material structure of the hose and seriously affect the service life of the hose. The service life of the hose will be seriously affected.

The power loss of hydraulic system causes the hydraulic oil to heat up, especially in the hot summer. Especially in the hot summer by the influence of external temperature, hydraulic oil temperature can easily The temperature of hydraulic oil rises sharply, and as the temperature of hydraulic oil rises, the more easily the hose ages, resulting in As the temperature of hydraulic oil rises, the more easily the hose ages, resulting in poor rubber elasticity, strength and sealing performance decreases, the easier the hose ages Cracking and bursting.

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