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Corrosion of the reinforcing layer steel wire occurs

The main reason for the corrosion of steel wire is the loss of the protective effect of the outer rubber layer. The use of First of all, the outer layer of synthetic rubber is not qualified, and the outer rubber is destroyed under the harsh external conditions and hardware friction, resulting in the steel wire being exposed and thus rusting. In addition, the assembly buckling size is unreasonable, leaving a gap after buckling, rainwater or other media infiltration, long time will lead to steel wire rust.

Treatment: If the steel wire rusts, the hose should be replaced. Hose When selecting the hose, you should choose the hose that is resistant to comprehensive media and wear-resisting, and at the same time, you should further improve the design parameters, the buckling process to further improve, to ensure that the buckling parameters meet the requirements. After buckling, the sleeve and steel wire bite properly, buckling is not in place or over buckling The hose assembly is not qualified.

Reinforcement layer Broken wire

There are two possible reasons for wire breakage in the reinforcement layer: one, the sleeve is over-buckled pressure, resulting in excessive shear force of the wire, easy to be sheared under the action of pulse break; second, the hose is subjected to too high impact pressure, between the sleeve and the wire frequent pulling, resulting in wire breakage.

Treatment: wire broken wire, should replace the hose, for often subject to High-frequency impact of the hose, according to the actual situation should choose more than 4 layers of winding Steel wire as a reinforcement layer, while avoiding over buckling pressure.

The steel wire we use comes from the second largest steel wire factory in Asia, so our products are designed to avoid this situation.

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