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When matching high-pressure hose, the number of steel wire layers, joint shape and size should be reasonable.

If the inner diameter of the hydraulic hose is too small, it will affect the performance of the whole hydraulic system and increase the flow rate of hydraulic oil in the hose, resulting in excessive pressure difference and heat damage to the inner rubber layer. If the inner diameter of the hose is too large, affect the normal operation of the system, while increasing the purchase cost.

1.The Inner Diameter of the hose and the Thickness of the wall of the hose

Under the same flow rate, the higher the flow rate in the tube, the smaller the inner diameter of the tube, the larger the pressure loss, and vice versa, the lower the flow rate, the larger the inner diameter of the tube, the smaller the pressure loss.

In practice, the choice of hose usually does not need to be calculated, because the size of the hose is mainly based on the size of the components used in the system to connect the caliber to decide.

2.Hydraulic Hose Pressure Matching

The working pressure of the hose is the maximum pressure that can maintain stable work. When choosing the pressure of the hose, the maximum working pressure of the hose must be determined according to the pressure of the system, taking into full consideration the pulse pressure and peak pressure of the hydraulic system, the maximum working pressure value that the hose can withstand should be greater than the maximum working pressure inside the hydraulic system. The safety factor (burst pressure) is 4 to 5 times of the maximum working pressure.

The hydraulic hoses produced by Xuyuan Hydraulics exceed the pressure level of SAE EN and other standards, so please feel free to use them.

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