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Introduction of Hydraulic hose

As the “bloodline” of hydraulic system of construction machinery, hydraulic hoses are mainly used for transporting hydraulic oil, absorbing hydraulic shock, having good resistance to bending and fatigue, and at the same time, the hoses have to bear frequent pulse pressure changes in the system.

Due to the variety and structure of the hose, the use conditions are not uniform, resulting in different service life of the hose, which is not only closely related to the quality of the hose, but also depends on whether to maintain a reasonable use and maintenance, even if the hose has very high quality, if not properly used and maintained, will seriously shorten its service life. Even if the hose is of high quality, if it is not used and maintained properly, its service life will be seriously shortened.

The hose is usually expressed by the inner diameter, from the safety performance In terms of safety performance, the service life of hydraulic hoses under normal use cycle of 2 to 3 years, beyond this use cycle must be replaced with new hoses.

Structure of Hydraulic Hose

Construction machinery hydraulic hose assembly usually consists of hose, buckle jacket, buckle compression core, nut four parts, the two ends of the hose and connection joint assembly Buckling is made.

According to the working pressure range of hydraulic system, the hoses are divided into ultra-high pressure hose (p>32MPa), high pressure hose (16MPa<p≤32MPa), medium High pressure hose (8MPa<p≤16MPa), medium pressure hose (2.5MPa<p≤8MPa), low pressure hose (8MPa<p≤8MPa). 8MPa), low pressure hose (p≤2.5MPa).

The hose mainly consists of oil-resistant rubber Inner rubber layer, middle rubber layer, steel wire (woven cotton twine) reinforcement layer, outer rubber layer, etc. The inner rubber layer conveys hydraulic oil and protects the reinforcement layer from erosion. (woven cotton twine) reinforcement layer plays the role of skeleton reinforcement, the bearing capacity of the hose depends on the steel wire (woven cotton twine). The bearing capacity of the hose depends on the skeleton of the steel wire (woven cotton twine) reinforcement layer, and the outer rubber layer protects the reinforcement layer. reinforcement layer.

The steel wire reinforcement layer is divided into 1 layer, 2 layers, 4 layers and 6 layers according to the pressure and flow rate. layer, 6 layers, ultra-high pressure hose is mainly based on steel wire braiding, steel wire braided hose Compared with the hard hose, the hard hose has a relatively large bending radius, while Steel wire braided hose has a good bending radius, while steel wire braided hose has good disturbance, overall or hard hose The rest of the hose is mainly steel wire wrap.

Low pressure The reinforcement layer is usually made of woven cotton twine.

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