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In order to meet the quality requirements, the process level should be optimized during production, so that it can meet the needs of development and be applied to production activities. This blog introduces the production status of hydraulic hose assembly and discusses the methods of quality and process improvement so as to promote better development.

Keywords: hydraulic hose assembly; production quality; process improvement

In the manufacturing process of hydraulic hose assembly, the phenomena of hose leakage, bruising and bursting often occur, resulting in the decline of quality. If the product is not up to standard, it will not only damage the economic benefits of the enterprise, but also lose customers. In order to deal with the current problems, we need to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth analysis to find out the reasons, in order to better improve the production process. Control the production process of hydraulic hose assembly to continuously improve the quality of products to meet your higher needs.

Production Status Of Hydraulic Hose Assembly

Production personnel have not received professional training, their own level of knowledge is limited, lack of understanding of the composition, performance and use of products, and are prone to problems in production. Before the official post, only a short-term simple study, production activities are very complex, many aspects are not understood, quality problems are inevitable. Buckling is an important link in the production of rubber hose assembly. when the process arrangement is unreasonable, there will be leakage. Enterprise production task is relatively tight, in order to meet the demand for temporary deployment of personnel, the responsibility is not specific to individuals, production errors will increase. The problem product could not be found. After the end of production, each hose is not clearly marked, and there is a lack of records in the process, so it is difficult to find problems, unqualified products will flow into the market, adversely affecting the development of enterprises.

Although the enterprise has formulated a set of rules, personnel are required to consciously abide by it in production to ensure that the hydraulic hose assembly meets the quality standards. However, due to the influence of personnel, site, environment and other aspects, there will be uncontrollable factors in production, which directly lead to the decline of product quality. In order to improve the production level, it is necessary to improve the process, especially the key links, must not be careless, and constantly enhance the quality of hydraulic hose assembly production.

Joint face bruising. Some key processes are performed by professionals, such as stripping glue, buckling the head of rubber hose, and so on. Simple procedures will be handed over to temporary staff to complete, including labeling, packaging, loading and unloading, etc., the technical requirements are not very high. They do not understand the hydraulic hose assembly, especially when the customer demand for hose increases, due to the tight construction period, it is easy to operate with too much force during loading and unloading, which makes the joints touch the ground or collide with each other, affecting the use effect. The lack of protective measures at the operation site and the neglect of the management of the hose is also one of the reasons for bruising.

The joint of the assembly is crushed and broken. The metal joint and hydraulic hose are mismatched in size, and the fastening force is too large or too small after the limit size assembly, which leads to fracture or leakage. The causes of fracture are the size error of raw materials, the processing error of rubber hose joint and the dimension error in the process of buckling. According to the standard, a part of the product should be selected for suppression test to see if there will be leakage.

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