Buckling Failure Analysis and Treatment

There are three main reasons for buckling failure: one, the same manufacturer’s One, the hose size tolerance of the same manufacturer is not uniform, while the joint and sleeve size remain unchanged, resulting in inconsistent The effect of buckling is not consistent, causing oil seepage in buckling; second, the hose of different manufacturers with the […]

Failure Analysis and Treatment of Hose Rupture

There are three main reasons for the rupture of the hose: First, the actual working pressure of the hose is greater than the maximum working pressure it can withstand. The actual working pressure of the hose is greater than the maximum working pressure it can withstand, resulting in the hose Second, the hose is seriously […]

Failure Analysis and Treatment of Reinforcement Layer

Corrosion of the reinforcing layer steel wire occurs The main reason for the corrosion of steel wire is the loss of the protective effect of the outer rubber layer. The use of First of all, the outer layer of synthetic rubber is not qualified, and the outer rubber is destroyed under the harsh external conditions […]

Failure Analysis and Treatment of Inner Lining Layer

1.Cracking of rubber in the lining layer of the hose Most synthetic rubber formulations include a certain amount of plasticizer to to make the hose more flexible. However, due to the high temperature oil or in the high temperature environment, the plasticizer will spill out at a certain temperature. in a high temperature environment, the […]

Failure Analysis and Treatment of Outer Cladding

Hose not adapted to ambient temperature Due to the unsuitable selection of hose, the rubber hose in the low-temperature environment when working under the operation or bending Cracks appear when operating or bending in low temperature environment; rubber aging phenomenon appears when working in high temperature environment. Aging phenomenon. Treatment: the machine works in cold […]

Analysis and Treatment of Hydraulic Hose Failure

Hydraulic hose is the key connection of hydraulic system, in the process of using In the process of use, there are often problems such as leakage, cracking, buckling and loosening, which wastes oil, pollutes the environment, affects the appearance of the machine and reduces the competitiveness of the machine. pollute the environment, affect the appearance […]

Installation & Cleaning of Hydraulic Hoses

The installation and cleaning of hydraulic hoses requires professional operation, improper operation will reduce the service life of the hoses, please be careful. Installation By the construction machinery design of the structure of space and other factors, the requirements of the hose in the maximum pressure conditions to work continuously and stably need to have […]

How to Match Hydraulic Hoses

When matching high-pressure hose, the number of steel wire layers, joint shape and size should be reasonable. If the inner diameter of the hydraulic hose is too small, it will affect the performance of the whole hydraulic system and increase the flow rate of hydraulic oil in the hose, resulting in excessive pressure difference and […]

The compatibility of hydraulic oil with the hose inner tube.

The hydraulic oil and the rubber layer inside the hose must be compatible, and the compatibility of rubber is usually evaluated by the index of volume change and hardness change. As phosphate ester-based and petroleum-based hydraulic fluid chemical properties are very different many hoses are suitable for one or more hydraulic fluids, but not for […]

Considerations for the Working Environment of Hydraulic Hoses

Construction machinery construction conditions are harsh, the ambient temperature is sometimes high and sometimes low, which is increasingly high requirements for the performance indicators of hydraulic hose weather resistance, oil resistance. Impulse & Pressure Hydraulic system high impulse, high pressure harsh conditions of use, easy to cause the hose pulse performance reduced, hydraulic oil pressure […]